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This charming abode was built in 1435 and has a most fascinating story, as well as a wonderful garden rich in exotic and peculiar plant species surrounded by centuries-old trees. Needless to say, you should absolutely visit Villa Pizzo, perched on its very promontory in Cernobbio.

The garden, which lies on the same level as the two main buildings, the main structure and an easternmost building, features the typical Italian style. There are paths running across the flowerbeds, the hedges and several Baroque fountains. The large park is easily accessed from the so-called “Ceppo”, just beyond the annexe of Villa d’Este. From here, a small path, once known as “in Genoa” because of the local mild climate, offers a series of exotic plants, agaves, orchids and other rare species that climb along the steep cliff. Then, there’s the “Cypress Avenue” with an artificial cave with some water features. Following this track, the park turns north-east, towards Moltrasio, through thick tall trees. In the middle of the park, there’s the fountain dedicated to Alessandro Volta, surrounded by the false ruins of a classic temple.

Visits have to be booked in advance by email, for groups of at least ten people. The chief-gardener Marco Sala will be more than glad to take you around the premises and give you plenty of interesting information and intriguing anecdotes.

This post is also available in: Italian

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