Wandering nurseries by bike: Florence and its surroundings (Tuscany/2)

This second itinerary among Florentine nurseries connects to the first one, Wandering nurseries: Florence and its surroundings (Tuscany/1); however, this one can be done by bike because there is a 15 minutes distance from one nursery to the other. We are in the area around Scandicci, on the Western hills of Florence. You will find roses, hortensias, wisterias, magnolias, ornamental apple and pear trees, succulents and cactuses and so much more. As with the first one, you can add visits to some of the gardens you’ll find along the way (Wandering gardens: Florence and its surroundings).


The map indicates the nurseries and the other locations of the suggested itinerary. For each nursery, we indicate its distance from the others, in order to facilitate you in the choice of the ones to visit and their order.

vivaio Taddei Borgioli

Vivaio Borgioli Taddei: located in via S. Carlo, it is historically specialised in the production of ancient and collectable hortensias, and also, recently, of camellias, clematises and wisterias. Distance from other nurseries: km 1,3 from Le Rose di Nicola Cavina – km 3 from Naturalmente Cactus Center.

Le Rose di Nicola Cavina

Le Rose di Nicola Cavina, located in via Guardavia, cultivates ancient and modern scented roses, and ornamental apple and pear trees.
Distance from other nurseries: km 5,7 from Naturalmente Cactus Center.

Naturalmente Cactus Center

Naturalmente Cactus Center, located in via Senese, is specialised in the cultivation of succulents, of which it has a very large choice, with specimens of every dimension. Over time, they added collections of orchids, cycas, bonsai, plumerias, hoyas (also very rare species), and aquatic plants (in particular water lilies and lotus flowers).


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