Discovering Rose Gardens

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May is traditionally acknowledged as the month of the roses, although, thanks to modern varieties, most of those beautiful flowers go on blooming until autumn and even further, intermittently or without any interruption, according to the different cultivars and their location (many roses which keep on blooming in the UK, for instance, stop doing so momentarily during the hot Italian summers). In any case, the last very rainy month of May prevented us from admiring blooms in the gardens, nurseries and rose gardens, but here’s a chance to make up for it…

What follows is the list of the most important rose gardens open to the public (some by reservation only) in Italy. If there’s any missing, do please let me know.


Museo Giardino della Rosa Antica

Roseto “La Rosa nel Tempo”

Friuli-Venezia Giulia:

Castello delle Rose di Cordovado

Roseto di San Giovanni, Trieste


Roseto comunale dell’Aventino

Roseto Vacunae Rosae

Palazzo Patrizi

Giardini della Landriana

Giardino di Ninfa

Villa d’Este a Tivoli


Giardini Botanici Hanbury

Roseto di Nervi


Roseto della Villa Reale di Monza


Giardino e Roseto La Rosaiola

Roseto della Sorpresa e Castell’Alfero


Giardino delle Rose

Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici

Roseto Botanico Carla Fineschi

Trentino Alto Adige:

Rosarium Uhrerhof


Giardino di Helga Brichet

Giardino Ducrot

Giardino Lizza

Il Giardino delle Cento Rose


Il Roseto di Ca’ delle Rose

Roseto di San Bellino

This post is also available in: Italian

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