Syrup Rose

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Marcello Campanella manages his own nursery Manuflor (included in the itinerary Discovering nurseries: the Flower Riviera, from Imperia to Pietra Ligure (Liguria/2) and he’s an expert when it comes to ‘Rosa Bruna‘, a typical flower of Liguria and, in particular, of the Scrivia Valley. In addition to having a magenta-pink double corolla, this kind of rose is extremely fragrant and the traditional one used to prepare (with its petals), syrups, food derivatives and cosmetic products. This mainly thanks to its remarkable sugar content, much higher than that found in other roses.
Rosa Bruna‘ is a rather small shrub (31,5×31,5 inches), that can easily grow in any garden and also on a terrace.

In the Ligurian tradition, however, many other ancient roses (not re-flowering) are used for syrup preparations: in particular, the even more fragrant Rosa centifolia, Rosa moss centifolia, Rosa gallica, and Rosa rugosa – their petals are also mixed for this very application.

This post is also available in: Italian

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